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Support your Health, Mindset, and Lifestyle

Get to the root of your programming and release the habits, thoughts, and beliefs not serving you for:

Calm Focus &
Empowered Self-Worth

Address how your past and stress-triggers influence your present.

Heal, integrate, and learn to love and accept all parts of you.

Clear emotional holding patterns to feel expanded with compassion and acceptance.

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Mushroom Hot Chocolate

Enhance Energy & Vitality
Nourish your Heart & Strengthen Resilience with organic medicinal mushrooms and raw cacao. Try the Mushroom Rose blend lightly sweetened with monk fruit.

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Inner Peace Extract

Find your Inner Peace and feel ease as you flow through your day. This blend nourishes and strengthens the nervous system, reduces scattered feelings, and can help support sleep and nervousness. It is a soothing aid to support one's meditation practice as it helps to calm an overactive mind. 

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Heart's Ease Rose Essence

A blend of flower and crystal essences for soothing the heart, calming the spirit, and allowing you to adapt during challenging times of uncertainty with peace and purpose.

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Need Support? 
I invite you to feel 
Calm Focus & Empowered Self-Worth.

Support your healthy mindset & resilient body with mindfulness and meditation
(Meditation Program
available in Spring 2022)

Explore herbal medicine, food, nutrition, & recipes

"Explore the possibilities of energy & health!
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"Candice is an ANGEL on earth.  Working with her has enlightened my life on so many levels.  Tapping with Candice has improved my mind body and spirit and worth every dollar....When sharing my experience with others about working with Candice, my smile gets bigger. Candice's knowledge and insights make her my go to person. Love yourself, get some self care with love, compassion and joy. Work with Candice!!"
Joan Gibson

Eureka, Ca

"I had never done EFT tapping prior to meeting Candice and having her teach me this practice. My thoughts were it may not work and I was skeptical, to say the least. Well, I have had a tremendous response and results with EFT and Candice gets most of the credit! She is caring, compassionate, and a fantastic healer!! I just signed up for 4 more sessions!!"
Jeff J.

Atlanta, GA

"Candice is amazing. Her tapping sessions has helped my insomnia/anxiety out a lot as well as enhanced my positivity and outlook on life. Forever grateful for her work! Thanks for all you do and have done!"
Joe Snipes

Business Owner; Humboldt County, Ca


Supporting others:  

  • Manage stress, anxious feelings, and overwhelm using simple mindfulness practices.   
  • Shift and reprogram limiting beliefs around self-worth and making healthier lifestyle choices.   
  • Connect to intuition, emotional holding patterns, and body awareness.      
  • Feel safe in a compassionate space for inner child healing, unfinished conversations, and parts work for self-love and acceptance.
Meet Candice Brunlinger

I am an educator, writer, medicine maker, and health practitioner helping others explore their emotions and stress repsonse for deeper healing and integration.  I spend my life exploring energy, plant medicine, mindfulness, and embodiment for calm focus and empowered self worth. From this place, we access our inner wisdom and intuition. 

I love integrating science with spirit medicine and inspiring others to explore various ways of nourishing the body, mind, and spirit using Tapping,  Energy Healing, Herbalism, and Nutrition.

I am also a mom of a strong-spirited boy and enjoy working with other mindful moms so we can be the best example for our future generations and heal generational trauma. 

When you work with me, you can explore the following tools:
  • EFT/Tapping 
  • Inner Child Work, Parts Work, Unfinished Conversations 
  • Mindfulness & Breathwork 
  • Energy Medicine, Qigong, Tai Chi  
  • Herbal Healing & Plant Spirit Connections 
  • Nutrition, The Rainbow Diet, & Culinary Herbalism   
  • Gut/Microbiome Healing & using cultured foods for healing
Being healthy in an unhealthy world can feel defeating and discouraging. It does not have to be that way when we…
  • Achieve your health goals by breaking them down into manageable steps you can take 
  • Remove the stressors, blocks, critical voices, and beliefs that come up for you   
  • Feel supported & resourced 
  • Have accountability without judgment 
  • Trust our intuition 
  • Advocate for our health 
  • Bring in nutrition to support the building blocks of our cells: the microbiome, expression of your genes (epigenetics), detoxing, hormone balancing, neuroplasticity, and more. 
  • Are empowered (and feel worthy) to make healthy choices, and   
  • Indulge in self-compassion without judgment and guilt!    
We can create a mindset and lifestyle to support the life you deserve!    

To begin transforming blocks and embodying vibrant health, 
make an appointment!

"Live a healthful and resilient life!"

Credentials & Training:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping (In-Training; approx. Certification Spring 2022) 
  • The Art of Energy Psychology (2022)  
  • Certified Herbalist (Professional Herbalist Training; Clinical Herbal Training 2008) 
  • Certified Fermentationists (2017) 
  • Tai chi & Qigong Practitioner (2017) 
  • Stress Management & Mindfulness Practitioner (2018)  
  • Energy Healing, Qigong, Eden Energy Medicine (2018)