Summer 2024 Seasonal Herbal Subscription Box
with an upgrade for my newest Plant Spirit Medicine Membership
"Beyond Herbalism"

Sign-ups Available May 24th 

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Seasonal Herbal Community Package 

Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter Care Packages

4 oz Elderberry Syrup (made with seasonal herbs and spices)

4 oz Herbal Oxymel (Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey Herbal Infusion)

2 oz Herbal & Fruit Elixir 

1 oz Herbal Tea 

1 oz Culinary Spice Blend

Seasonal Newsletters with Herbal Articles and Recipes to Inspire You

* All seasonal packages will be mailed 2-3 weeks after the Equinox/Solstice.  
* Blends will include herbs to support immune resilience, digestion, heart support, and more. 
* All products are made with locally produced ingredients and seasonally fresh, organic, and wild harvested herbs and fruits grown in Humboldt County. 

Plus...."Beyond Herbalism" Upgrade

Upgrade your subscription to include an online membership with 

*Monthly herbal classes with guidance developing your connection with Plant Spirit.  

*Embodiment practices to relax into your body and center into your heart space and inner guidance system to open the subconscious and deeply connect to plant spirit in the quantum realm. 

*Practices to enhance your intuition and trust for what the plants are nudging you into for healing...allowing you to be guided by the plant's wisdom instead of working with herbs from your head space or relying on "google herbalism".

*A seasonal package with flower and plant essences, aromatic oils, and other herbal preparations for hands-on connections. 

*Explore the library of mindfulness meditations and ritual practices to support your journey integrating plants into your everyday living.

*Monthly Live Q&A calls and general herbal discussion around seasonal support.

Self-Care UpgradeUpgrade your Membership to include the nourishing Herbal Self-Care Package with a seasonal
2 oz Aromatic Spritzer 
2 oz Skin Healing Toner/Liniment  
2 oz Infused oil or Salve 

Become a Member

$375.00 (annual)
$100.00 (seasonal)

Includes Shipping and Handling
Limited to 20 Members

  • 4 herbal packages mailed directly to you (one package every 3 months)
  • Valued at $500+

Self-Care Membership Upgrade

+$125 (add on)
(annual membership only)

Includes Shipping and Handling
Limited to 20 Members

  • Everything in original membership above plus seasonal self-care products to nourish your skin and body care routine.  
  • Valued at an additional $200.00       (Total Value of $700+)

Candice Brunlinger is an Herbalist, Intuitive Healer, Health & Wellness Educator, and Mindfulness Coach with an integrative approach to healing using plants, nutrition, self-care, and energy practices, including Tai Chi, Qigong, and EFT.  

She has been making herbal medicine for almost 20 years and lives her life connecting to the magic and wisdom of plants. All products are made in small batches by Candice with unconditional positive regard and Reiki Infused with Chi and Healing Intentions. She integrates her clinical training with culinary intuition and allows the plants to guide her when blending.

With her products, you are getting more than herbal medicine.
You are nourishing your spirit with chi and plant spirit medicine.

"Herbalism is more than deciding what herbs to use. It is opening up to a connection that is beyond our realm and becoming the voice and healing hands of the plant spirits. As an herbalist, I offer myself as a vessel for the plants and allow them to support my community through me."