How to Make a Borage Flower Essence

Use those abundant flowers to make a flower essence for COURAGE and CONFIDENCE…

By: Candice Brunlinger; Clinical Herbalist, Intuitive Healer, and Health Educator

Is borage a beneficial plant for you? I have found most people benefit from these sweet blue flowers, especially when used energetically. If you are interested in learning more about the medicinal and emotional benefits of borage and how to use it, check out my Borage Monograph.

How to Make Borage Flower Essence

Flower essences are made by soaking flowers in water under the sun and preserving their vibrational healing imprint in that water with brandy. These remedies heal and bring balance to the energy within the body, soothing the emotions and spirit. When our energy is free-flowing and in balance, our body can heal physically and emotionally; therefore, flower essences are a way to integrate the healing of our mind, body & spirit. 

For best results, harvest flowers early in the morning from well-established, happy, vibrant plants with an abundance of blooming flowers. First, connect to the plant by taking a moment to meditate with it. Clear your thoughts and sit next to the plant. Pick 1-2 flowers and eat them slowly, allowing the flowers to melt and dissolve in the mouth. Notice the taste, texture, and feeling you experience while eating the plant. Then, take a good look at the plant. Notice the details and characteristics of how the plant grows. The fine hairs, the shape of the leaves, the contrast in colors, the dew gathered on the plant, and whatever else catches your attention.

Take some slow and deep breaths, closing your eyes if you like. Place your hands on the ground next to the plant to connect to its roots and the earth it is growing from. Clear your thoughts and listen to any messages from the plants. What thoughts and feelings are coming to you? Are you experiencing any memories or visualizations? Allow yourself to relax and trust the information as it comes. Ask the plant for its permission to harvest and use it as medicine, stating your intentions for the medicine.

After your meditation, give thanks and honour to the plant for any information you receive. You may choose to offer the plant some herbs, a rock, crystal, or a piece of your hair as an offering. Then very carefully and mindfully pick the flowers, trying not to break their petals. Place the flowers in a bowl filled with spring or filtered water so the flowers are floating on top and spread out evenly, filling the space or diameter of the bowl.  Place the bowl in a safe place under the sun for 4-6 hours. After the peak of the afternoon, the flowers will likely be wilted. Carefully remove them, ideally using a clean borage leaf to scoop them out. Strain any remaining particulates if needed, measure the volume of water and add an equal quantity of brandy to preserve the preparation.

Bottle and take 1-3 drops under the tongue or topically on the skin for vibrational healing, cooling any emotional or physical heat, inflammation, irritation, anger, or depletion and replacing it with lifted spirits, confidence, and courage. I especially enjoy rubbing it on the sternum, wrist points, third eye, temples, or on the soles of the feet.

May the courage of borage be carried in your heart!

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Candice Brunlinger is a Clinical Herbalist, Intuitive Healer, & Health Educator with an integrative approach to health using plants, nutrition, self-care, mindfulness, Juice Plus+, and energy healing including Tai Chi, Qigong, and EFT. Her consultations, classes, workshops, and writings focus on ways of integrating these healing modalities into our daily lives and routine practically and conveniently so being healthy becomes a way of living’.

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