I soaked black eye peas for 10 hours
Removing the hulls....a Zen meditation
Cooked for 10 minutes, strained and dried
Plastic bag with air holes poked throughout it
Beans tossed in vinegar and ready to be inoculated with a tempeh starter culture
Ready to ferment in the oven with a heat mat and light on to maintain ideal 95º  temperature
White mycelium coating at 24 hours of fermenting
Brown spots forming after 2 days
66 hours of fermenting and I have a nice thin and solid fermented bean patty (tempeh)
I cut off the good sections, discarding the brown spots and cooked it up
We have been craving some Mongolian style beef stir fry so I figured I would use tempeh instead of meet for our dinner. 

I pan seared the tempeh in coconut oil with onion, burdock sticks and carrot slices.  Once the tempeh was brown on both sides and onions were caramelized, I added in zucchini, chard and the sauce, covered and allowed it to simmer for 10 minutes on low. 

Served over rice (see image above)

It was delicious!!
*All images and content are the rights of Candice Brunlinger to meet the requirements of Summer Bock's Fermentaionist Certification Program. Some of the recipes are from Summer Bock while others are influlenced by  her, various fermenting cookbooks or Candice's herbal and culinary background.