1/2 gallon Nourishing Herbal Kraut using cabbage leaves and pickle pebble weights with an airlock
I over packed the jar and on day 2 the brine started going into the airlock.  I removed the pickle pebbles and replaced the weights with a smaller jar of kraut. (see below)
The small jar was a convenient way to save the excess kraut and brine that I had to remove from overpacking the jar. The smaller jar fermented faster and turned out a little more sour than the 1/2 gallon jar. 

Ready for the fridge....5 day ferment
On day 5, there was a little yeasty growth on the surface after I removed the jar/weight. It was easily removed when I took out the large cabbage leaves covering the kraut.

This delicious Nourishing Herbal Kraut resulted in a pleasantly earthy, savory and moderately sour ferment.
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