Rice and red lentils fermented in water with lemon juice for 3 days
Strained the soaked rice and lentils, reserving a small amount to puree it together in the blender.
Covered and ready to ferment a few more days
Fermented 6 days total. Smells pleasant and is ready to be made into fermented rice bean biscuits.
My 4 year old son decided to help with baking them.
Pouring the first batch into muffin liners.
Ready to bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.
Idlis look and taste a little dry but are still really good.
We baked the next batch without the muffin liners and oiled the pan with avocado oil instead. They turned out much better and had more moisture to them.
Not the traditional way of eating Idlis but Makai really wanted to try one with peanut butter and jam and he asked for one with his lunch. 
We also ate them with Garam Masala and various stir fry and curries.
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