Welcome to Herbal Living and Healing

Hi! I am Candice and I would like to take a moment to connect with you and express my gratitude for you and our healing journeys!!

We are all human and energy beings living in a crazy world full of joy, happiness and peace among a world with stress, chaos, pain, grief, worry and anger.

How do we navigate through all the overwhelm and stress? The toxic feelings and experiences? How do we be healthy in a world that is full of toxins affecting the health of not only us, but all living creatures and the entire planet? How can we support the health of our families and children?

There is no easy answer to those questions but there are simple things we can do to make a shift in our health. That is what I have learned in my 15-20 year long journey of seeking the answers to those questions.

My purpose is to share what I have learned from my ongoing education and training along with my own practical experiences, from my students and clients, and what I have learned from following the research and experts in the fields of plant medicine, nutrition, microbiology, brain-heart-gut healing, energy healing, energy psychology, meditation, mindfulness and more.

I have learned that using only one way to heal is just like trying to heal one part of the self. We may see a little change but we are often not addressing the whole picture. We need to address the body, mind, emotions and spirit for healing. We need to address so much more than what can be cured with a single pill, herb, supplement, or exercise.

Take a step back. Take a breath.

Remember when we assemble a puzzle, the fun is in the process, the journey. Then we achieve the sense of satisfaction and gratification of completing the puzzle. Seeing the whole picture. The same with our healing journey. If you look at each self-care practice along with every moment of mindfulness, positive thought, and healthy choice as a puzzle piece, you will enjoy the journey and have the up-most gratitude for the experience when you begin to see your “healthful” picture forming.

That is the work I do. I enjoy inspiring others to “BE empowered and live to BE well!” More than feeling well, we want to be well, full of optimal health and vitality!! I am also a mom of one amazing son and enjoy integrating healing and mindfulness with my family and in my home.

I have been on a journey of supporting my body from Lyme disease in my mid-20’s and Hashimotos in my early 30’s. I have profoundly transformed my life from a life of chronic pain, high sensitivity, high anxiety, poor digestion and elimination, hormone imbalance, weakness, slow healing injuries, frequent illness, severe brain fog and feeling completely disconnected from my body, mind, spirit and sense of purpose and self.

I am still on my journey. I still have moments of overdoing it and having to listen to my body and take it easy. I am not perfect or claiming I have all the answers but I am a student for life with a open mindset, ready to explore this journey more and ready to support you on your healing journey. If I can feel better than I can ever remember feeling and be full of joy, happiness, vitality and purpose, I know you can too.

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I will be continuing to post the various articles, herbal monographs, herbal recipes, culinary recipes, self-care tips, mindfulness practices, audios, videos and more. Keep an eye out for more info and resources and my upcoming online courses and workshops.

I look forward to connecting and healing with you some more!!

Be empowered and live to be well! Many Blessings!