Candice Brunlinger, Herbalist

Candice Brunlinger has been formally studying and practicing herbal healing since 2004. Her interests include incorporating plant medicine as a way of living, making herbal remedies, cooking, growing herbs, gardening, teaching, writing,  tai chi, qigong and being a mom.

Candice's approach to using plants for healing is to integrate them conveniently into our daily routien so our connections to plant medicine becomes a way of living. She likes to integrate various approaches to using western herbs and food for healing including looking at individual constituitons, the elemental nature of plants and the nature of the condition or symptoms by applying basic principles of Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophies.

She believes the plants guide us to our own innate healing abilities and enjoys integrating plants for energetic healing and spiritual growth along with various meditative practices such as tai chi, qigong, plant meditation, yoga and more. 

She teaches for the Northwest School of Botanical Studies & Humboldt Herbals , Volunteers as a farm Herbalist, has a small clinical practice and an herbal product line, Herbal Infusions. She writes for Humboldt Herbals' monthly newsletter and her Nourishing Herbs blog. 

Candice also teaches tai chi and qigong in her community through Humboldt Tai Chi and is working towards becomming a certified Tai Chi Instructor.

Become a member of her facebook group Herbal Living to join her online community, share and read articles and recipes, ask general questions and more.
 “Every breath is a giveaway dance between you and the plants.
Breathe this in. Plant Spirit Healing vibrates like a harp string,
shimmers like a spider web, and is destined to be a warp thread
in the re-weaving of the healing cloak of the Ancients.”

~ Susan Weed